Subject of Activity

  • Organizing the car imports, protecting the interests and regularity and providing more opportunity to exploit investment.
  • The use and transfer of scientific and practical experiences of investors and using them in legislation.
  • Supporting the improvement of the business environment in this regard and responding the problems and inadequacies within the framework of the country’s laws.
  • Defending the rights and legitimate interests of members.


Community Goals

  • an attempt to organize car imports and related services.
  • Obtain information on supply and demand, prices and consumption markets to provide members.
  • Participation in decision making and decision making, and the preparation and adjustment of proposals related to car imports and related services.
  • Creating a database in the fields related to the goals and duties of the association, and informing through the creation of a network of information and publication of books, specialized journals and brochures, and the exchange of relevant information.




Membership and Conditions

All the activists in the field of the subject of Association can join us by having the following conditions:

  • Having an Iranian Credit Card.
  • Having a reliable and relevant commercial card of the Iran’s chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture.
  • Having customs clearance documents indicating the automobile’s importing.
  • Having a certificate of activity as the official representative of a brand from the Ministry of Industries and Business (Iran).
  • Adoption and observance of the articles of association.
  • License to operate in the free zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of current conditions in each of its areas of activity.
  • Income payment and annual membership fee.



Members of the board

  • Farhad Ehteshamzad, Chairman of the Board
  • Kourosh Morsch Solouk, First Deputy Chairman
  • Bahram Ghayserzadeh, Vice president of the second
  • Mohammad Zarepour Ashkzari, Treasurer
  • Dariush Biria, Secretary of the Board
  • Farhad Mashhadi Mohammadi, Secretary-General
  • Mehrdad Mansouri, Memebr


Alternative Member of the Board

  • Ali Jafari



  • Masoud Mansouri


Alternative Inspector

  • Ehsanoldin Ghafourian


Entrance Fee of 2016

  • IRR 500,000,000


Annual Membership Fee of 2016

  • IRR 500,000,000